Waterloo Mathematical Competition

Class information:
  • Key Knowledge point summary
  • Simplify problem solving steps
  • Question type division and extension
  • Group discussion
  • Simulation contest every three weeks

The University of Waterloo International Mathematical Competition is an official Canadian mathematics competition for high school students all over the world, with a wide international influence. It is hosted by the Canadian Center for Mathematics and Computer Education (CEMC), the Department of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, the world’s largest mathematics college, so it is often called the Waterloo competition.

The competition is a full range of mathematics competitions covering the 7th to 12th grades. To commemorate different scientists, competitions of different grades have different names. For example, the 7-8 grade is called Gauss competition, the 9th grade is called Pascal and Fryer, the 10th grade is called Cayley and Galois, and so on.

Participating in mathematics competitions can improve thinking activity, expand thinking, and use them flexibly. It is essential for high school learning. Participate in the Waterloo Math Competition and get a certificate to enrich your resume and add weight to your university. If you apply for the University of Waterloo, you can get a scholarship. For other universities, participating in the Waterloo Math Competition is beneficial to the following programs:


Actuarial Science
Applied Mathematics
BBA/BMath Double Degree
Business Administration
Chartered Accountancy
Combinatorics and Optimization
Computational Mathematics
Computer Sciences
Mathematics/Business Administration
Mathematics Sciences
Math/Financial Analysis & Risk Management
Mathematical Physics
Operations Research
Software Engineering
Pure Mathematics
Class Schedule

NOV 2,2019 ~ FEB 22, 2020 (12.21,12.28 off)
Every Saturday 11:30am-1:30pm, Pascal (Grade9)
2:00pm-4:pm, Cayley (Grade10)
4:00pm-6:pm, Fermat (Grade11)

11:30am-1:30pm, Pascal (Grade9)
2:00pm-4:pm, Cayley (Grade10)
4:00pm-6:pm, Fermat (Grade11)

Session2:  TBD
Content Date:April 15, 2020
Fryer (Grade9)
Galors (Grade10)
Hy-patia (Grade11)

Session3: TBD
Content Date:April 7, 2020
Euclid (Grade12)

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