University Interview

For students applying for undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a Canadian university, in addition to reviewing your application materials, the school will also set up an “interview” to understand the applicant’s language skills, professional knowledge, logical thinking and responsiveness and to verify the authenticity of the application materials.

Applicants usually pay the most attention to the questions that interviews generally involve:

  1. Motivation: Usually such questions require students to check the characteristics of the school and the project, but students should not repeat the official website information that the interviewer knows.
  2. Planning category: It is recommended to inquire about the school’s official website project in detail and conduct phased docking with the school’s training objectives.
  3. Projects, internships, and activities: It is recommended to prepare a few more related experiences, and you can find ideas from resumes and essays. If the relevant experience is relatively thin, you can refer to the experience of the people around you for reference, provided that the content is well known.
  4. Theoretical knowledge: It is recommended to look at the professional courses on your transcripts and familiarize yourself with the content of your professional courses before the interview. You should be good at exploring the relevant knowledge in your own courses and effectively display them.
  5. Miscellaneous (such as character description, hobbies, analysis of self-advantages and disadvantages): The purpose of such questions is to examine the communication skills of students. The questions are relatively simple. Students adjust their mentality and answer the interviewer’s questions easily.

Instructor status: In-service teachers in public and private schools, many years of educational experience, professional counseling for university admission interviews, and the ability to improve expression and logical thinking.

Class Schedule

Every Friday at 5:30pm-7:30pm or Every Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm

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