Secondary Public School Admission

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Entry Requirements

The Canadian Public School implements a grade 12 compulsory education system. The school registers students according to the family’s residential area and location.


Public schools are completely free. National compulsory education begins at the age of 4 and continues to graduate from high school. For international students, the public schools must pay a fee, which is a little cheaper than the private school, but does not include accommodation.

Class Size

Public schools have no more than 21 students per class, which are below grade 5 of elementary school; and no more than 32 students per class above the grade 5.

Management Method

Public schools usually take two semesters a year, and students usually leave school at 3:10 pm.

School Spirits

Public school competition is less intense than private schools. Students learn relatively easily. Good public schools not only have a good academic style, but also have very good and excellent study programs to help students with different strengths to develop their strengths, such as art classes, business classes, trade classes, computer classes, media classes, etc. Good-natured children, as well as talented classes, top class, advanced class, etc.

Graduation Goals

The responsibility of the public school is compulsory education. It will not affect the enrollment and funding due to student achievement. It can insist on the overall development of students in the first place. Most of the students who graduated from the public school transitions to a Canadian university or college.

What to do:
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