Secondary Private School Admission

Advancity Education helps facilitate admission applications for students of all Grades.
Admission requirement varies according to individual students and diverse study habits. We will help every student find the best schools that fits.

Entry Requirements

Private schools, independent fees, and some high-profile private schools have high entry requirements. Students in the lower grades who apply directly to the private school kindergarten need to pass the interview or pass the school’s simple test; students who enter the private school from the public school in the middle school must have the North American unified SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) test scores. After that, you need to pass the interview of the private school to obtain the admission permit.


Private schools charges tuition, and the better the private school, the more expensive it is. Some private schools provide accommodation, and the accommodation fee is different from the tuition fee.

Class Size

There are usually only 16 students or less in each class in a private school, so it is easier for students to get the attention of the teacher.

Management Method

Many private schools arrange students to leave school after 4:00PM. For private schools, the way to manage students is more flexible. Many private schools can have three semesters according to their own policies. Students wear uniforms, obey the school rules, and they do educate students in a rigorous way. Unlike public schools, private schools basically provide boarding arrangements.

School Spirits

The private school has a rich learning atmosphere and the school competition is relatively fierce. There are exams for the three semesters of each academic year, so that children can know the importance of the Academy from an early age and know the importance of the score. Compared with the public school, the private school has a stronger learning atmosphere and the overall level of the students is higher. Therefore, the progress of each subject will be accelerated. Students in grade 11 of the private school will complete the grade 12 English and mathematics provincial exams, so that in grade 12, they can fully deal with the university application.

Graduation Goals

Private school students will enter universities in Canada and the United States, and many students have the goal of taking American universities. Therefore, by the grade 11, the SAT has become an indispensable part.

Advancity Education has almost every private school admission service across GTA, and some of the private school in Ontario, BC and Alberta.
What to do:
1: Contact one of our Educational Advisors.
2: Our Admissions team & Advisors are here to help and answer your questions.
3: Discuss detailed School in your field of interest.
4: Enroll with ACE Consultants and start your new school life with us.

Every child learns differently, so our one on one coaching is personalized to advance your learning.

Our promise to our clients lives through our consistency in excellent service delivery by providing safe and conducive learning for every child.

– Xinya Ding

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