Private School Interview

Many private high school admissions in Ontario, Canada require an interview in order to ensure the quality of the students and the learning atmosphere, as well as to understand the applicant’s ability to express and knowledge.

First, participate in the school’s activities to understand the school’s characteristics / news / match. For example, attending a campus tour of a high school organization; one of the benefits of going to a field trip is that it can collect materials, talks, etc. for future interviews.

Second, book the interview time early. Not all interview coordinators will provide 24 X 7 services. Book an interview at least one and a half months before the application deadline.

Third, list possible interview questions and prepare answers in advance. Note: Don’t memorize the answer; just know the general idea, but you should prepare a few examples, wording, and countermeasures in advance.

Instructor status: In-service teachers in public and private schools, many years of educational experience, professional counseling for university admission interviews, and the ability to improve expression and logical thinking.

Common interview questions:

1) Why your dream school?
2) Describe yourself in three words
3) How do you define success? What do you want to accomplish in the years ahead?
4) Which of your EC activities means the most to you? Why?
5) If you could start your own club, what would it be?

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