How to efficiently use your summer time to improve your grades?

1.Listen and participate in class

Weather, vacation, ice creams… Everything seems to be perfect, it is easy to be off topic during class. However, you must pay attention to your curriculum because this is the basic step of improve your grades. According to research, tutors is a key factor in student retention, whether retention is taken to refer to student completion of a single course or student persistence through a long period of study. Here, our professional tutoring team make sure every student is focused on his or her study.

2. Motivation

If you are not satisfied with your grades, try self-motivation instead. Core secret of improving grades are keeping students engaged and motivated. Believe in yourself and encourage yourself to stay focused on your work. Pick a goal or series of goals and use that as your motivation. Here in Advancity Education, our teacher are hired expert in engaging students in their learning, you will never feel bored here!

3.Take thorough notes during class

Even though teachers in elementary schools tell students to take notes, many students still have no idea how to do it, or how to take thorough notes. In Advancity Education, will ensure that you do not miss any important information. Note taking is an important skill in all classes that can translate to better grades as well.

4.Ask for help whenever you have one

If you are experiencing problems with any topics, you can always ask our teacher or your study friends for help during class or after the class. Remember, no question should you have during to your exams!!!

5.Stay focused during your homework

Find a quiet working place and a professional tutor to handle your homework in a distraction-free zone. Put your phone aside or at least mute all notification sounds so you are not distracted. Studying yourself or with friends are not as efficient as study with a experienced tutor because you always want to look at your phone without supervor. You can always ask our teachers to help with your homework.

6.Take a 15-minute break after each 45 minutes of studying

Walk around your house. get some fresh air, think of how to get better grades, or get a snack to fuel your brain. You can also reward yourself for each 45 minutes of productive work by doing something that you enjoy. Besides, breaking up the monotony of studying will help you focus.

7.Keep your working space organized

Use one notebook per class and do not let your desk become cluttered with papers and stationery. Try to clean up your desk regularly. You can also use laptops to take notes, but make sure you don`t install games.

8.Use a planner to organize your time

It can be either a paper planner or a mobile app. However, paper planner will not notify you when something important coming up, and phone apps sometimes annoying. In Advancity Education, we will write down all important due dates, dates and time of classes, and extracurricular activities for you and remind you via whatever method you want!

9. Develop a study schedule

If you are preparing for a test or writing a assignment, it would be wise to break down your work into small steps and schedule your work to a specific time periods. If you have any problem with your assignment, come to us! To avoid stress, do not procrastinate and wait until the last night before the test. Remember, we are always here to help!

10.Take care of your health

Make sure that your meals are nutritious, balanced, and varied, because your brain needs fuel to be productive. Never miss breakfast before class. Buy less junk food if you feel lazy, those food are not powerful for your work.

11.Sleep well

Establishing a regular sleep routine is crucial when it comes to studying and learning how to get good grades in school. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same times and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Your brain needs to have a rest. During summer, whenever you feel sleepy, just go to sleep because that will actually helps your study.

advancityeducationHow to efficiently use your summer time to improve your grades?