English Writing

Writing, no matter which language, is the biggest difficulty in language learning. The English course is the most important course in the Canadian middle and high school curriculum. All Canadian universities and majors require English grades in the 12th grade. English writing is the difficulty and focus of high school English learning, and it is also the weakness of most of our middle school students.

English learning needs to accumulate vocabulary and to improve English writing skills. Many readings can improve reading speed and expand vocabulary. At the same time, it can also enhance English language sense and play a subtle role in English writing. Students can choose books that suit them, such as English newspapers, magazines, popular science articles, novels, essays, and more. Multi-reading is a way for students to increase their exposure to English language materials, receive information, active thinking, and increase their intelligence. It is also a good way to cultivate students’ English thinking ability, enhance their sense of language, and consolidate and expand their vocabulary. It is very conducive to promoting English writing. Increased ability.

Similarly, English writing must be skillful. Skills are a summary of the writing experience with regularity, and a concentrated expression of the students’ writing materials. It marks the students’ writing ability and writing level. The paper structure of the ENG2D, 3U, 4U, etc. (High School English System) courses in Ontario is rigorous and very different from other systems we are familiar with. If you don’t pass professional study and training, you just want to put the contents of others into a hard copy, so you are not sure to get the desired results.

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