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Pay Less As We Grow

2020 is a wonderful new year filled with amazing opportunities and growth. This yearly reminder helps us to focus on the things that matters the most for all of us.

Here at Advancity Education, we are excited for the beautiful gifts of life and amazing things this year has to offer to our growing community of parents, students, tutors and partners.

Our hopes and aspirations to become the top leading tutoring center in Oakville is rekindled by the consistent support we receive from all our stakeholders across board.

We understand how important it is for you to make your child’s ambitions become a reality and we want to make that process easy, fun and affordable for every parent in Oakville.

Hence, we have developed a community-based learning program that reduces the costs of learning as we grow for parents looking to help their kids with after-school tutoring. As indicated, parents who have their kids registered already with ACE can have future tutoring fees reduce significantly as our community grows.

The saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” has come to life with each students, tutors and parents all partnering together in achieving the goals and objectives of ACE – ‘to advance your learning’.

Let us grow together – Growing is fun!

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