Back To School 2020 – Let’s Be Safe, Wear A Mask


One of the ways to help ourselves stop the spread of viruses is to wear a mask. Some of the students are now returning to an in-person class, which means they will be wearing masks in school and in public areas. As parents and guardians, we should be able to emphasize how wearing masks can lower the risks of spreading the virus.


Here are some tips from the KidsHealth website on how to help kids wear masks:


  • Help kids get used to masks – teach them how to put it on and give them time to practice wearing masks 
  • Encourage kids to decorate their masks – this way they would be proud of their creation and would want to wear the mask they painted themselves
  • Have a few masks handy while kids play – it will help them make masks a more normal part of their everyday life.


There are many guidelines on how to wear masks and the proper way to disregard it after every use. It is also important to know which masks are appropriate for the children and more comfortable especially when inside the classroom.


The infographic below shows how to wear a non-medical mask safely:

advancityeducationBack To School 2020 – Let’s Be Safe, Wear A Mask