6 Fun Facts about Canada

1. The grading system is different between China and Canada.

Most international students are used to the letters system, based on a letter from A to F, which ranges from superior to average performance to failure. Many colleges and universities in Canada use this scale to evaluate how well students are performing.

Your grade-point average based on a scale of 4.0 in most universities, and high schools – through some colleges use 5.0 – with a minimum division of 0.01.

To get close to a GPA4.0, you will need to get all A’s for all of your courses. However, these are only the most common rules, and grading policies vary among universities and sometimes even classes within a university.

2. There‘s no College entrance examination or SAT in Canada( except if you want to go to the USA for post-secondary education).

Canadian colleges and universities value extra-curricular activities and curriculum grades more, especially in grade 11 and 12. Universities will examine all course grade in these two years and make a final decision based on the best six-course grades in grade 12. Some programs also have specific subjects to look at.

3.Diversity and Acceptance
Another fun the fact that Canadians are pride themselves with is their diversity and high acceptance for different religion, lifestyles, sex, mother language, and much more. In Canada, people are from everywhere in the world. Such as Chinese, Indian, indigenous group, and middle eastern. Also, same-sex marriage is allowed in Canada.

4.Better food quality in Canada.
For example, no cows in Canada given artificial hormones for extra milk production. Which means no dairy products, like milk, cheese, or yogurt produced in Canada, contain hormones!

5. The World Most Educated Country.
At least 56% of the total population in Canada has earned a certificate for their education after high-school. That’s about 6% more than Japan in second place. That’s quite an achievement and something to be proud of.

6. Poutine, originally from Quebec.

It is a mix of Fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. It was invented in the late 1950s. It is now a classic Canadian meal available anywhere in the country.
It has been called “Canada’s national dish.” There are many variations of poutine on the original recipe popular, leading some to suggest that poutine has emerged as a new dish classification in its own right, just as with burgers and pizza.

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