Flexible Tutors
that adjust to you

You can get personalized study
plan for each subject. Access to
experienced tutors with fun,
creative teaching style.

Improve on your
school grades

You can get the best and
honest analysis that helps
speed up your learning which
exponentially improve your
school grades.

Boost your public
speaking skills

You can learn directly from
TEDx style and IELts test

Excel with your

You and your friends can be
the best top students for all
subjects by learning together.

Advancity Education

Our purpose is to help your child’s study ambitions become a reality through personalized learning solutions in line with Ontario’s curriculum; this ensures our teaching directly benefits your child’s schools work. Our teaching is carried out in fully equipped and supportive environments, free of the pressures children sometimes experience at school.

Why Study At Advancity Education Learning Center

  • Inspiring tutoring for 10 -18 years old for all abilities.
  • Personalized study plan for K-12 exam contest
  • Admissions hassle-free into either Private/Public High Schools and Universities
  • Improved performance at School
  • Motivated Students

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    Every child learns differently, so our one on one coaching is personalized to advance your learning.

    Our promise to our clients lives through our consistency in excellent service delivery by providing safe and conducive learning for every child.

    – Xinya Ding

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